5 Simple Workplace Wellness Ideas

Companies and individuals both share an interest in employee wellness. Many Americans are interested in improving their health, while employers realize that a healthy workforce is imperative in order to get a better handle on healthcare costs. Accordingly, wellness ideas are beginning to gain ground as a way for companies to assist their employees in improving their well being, all the while impacting the bottom line.

Unfortunately, typical workplace wellness ideas are cursory efforts that don’t lead to meaningful changes in employee health or health care costs. They are predictable, uninspiring and ineffective. Most workplace wellness ideas look like this:

  • Encouragements to take the stairs
  • Office Yoga
  • Quick exercises at the desk, such as Push-ups

The problem with these wellness activities is that they do nothing to improve the health of those most at risk. They do little to impact the long-term health and well-being of the population because they do not adequately address employees’ eating and exercise habits.

And because you can’t force feed someone health and wellness, we believe the best workplace wellness ideas are focused on education. So, instead of encouraging employees to simply “take the stairs” or “drop down and give me 10”, we have developed a curriculum designed to address lifestyle behaviors that can help prevent, manage or even reverse diseases such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

Here’s 5 simple workplace wellness ideas we believe can help any company kick start true health within the work environment:

5. Healthy Shopping and Meal Planning

Good health starts at the grocery store. This activity guides employees on making healthier purchases and provides tools and tips to help them plan a healthier menu. Shopping and meal planning are both important skills to develop and hone in order to get and stay healthy.

4. Stress Management

Stress is one of the four key factors that contribute to chronic disease. Chronic, unmanaged stress over time can lead to major health problems, as well as unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as stress eating. This activity provides practical and simple tips to manage stress and utilize healthier coping mechanisms.

3. Health Jeopardy

This is a fun and simple workplace wellness idea capable of engaging all employees. Participants can divide up into teams and test their nutrition knowledge.

2. Debunking Nutrition Myths

This activity discusses common health trends sweeping the United States. It debunks the fads and shows why crash diets don’t work. In addition to highlighting what’s not working, this activity provides solutions on how to make healthy eating an everyday occurrence. A healthy lifestyle is a process, not an occurrence.

1. Family Fitness

Getting family members involved in making healthy lifestyle changes is a great way to jumpstart workplace wellness. An employee that goes home at the end of the day and has loved ones who are supportive and onboard with their wellness goals is a major plus. This activity reviews strategies on how to get loved ones more involved.

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